Thursday, January 24, 2008

{what is your perfect day}

I love this ad on many levels. I love it because as a working mom my life often looks and feels like this and it makes me feel a bit more normal. As an environmental portrait of Tina Fey, it is initmate, smart, funny, and ironic just like her writing. In print, the other element to this ad is Tina Fey's perfect day. I have seen the ad a dozen times and I read her perfect day over and over. It always makes me think what is my perfect day.

So here it is.

7am wake up, have a cup of coffee, and spend time in bed with Madeleine reading

8:30am go for a long run on a trail with our dog, Ginger

11am shower

12pm have lunch with dear old friends

1:30 take a walk to the park with Madeleine with my camera

3:oo pm take a nap

4:30pm get a massage

6pm eat a healthy dinner and drink good wine with my family

7pm to to a movie

9:30pm read my book

10pm lights out and sleep until 7am.

What is your perfect day?

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