Monday, January 14, 2008

{three cups of tea}

Hell froze over: one of several Indian army bivouacs
despoiling the Siachen Glacier (Teru Kuwayama)

as i was reading three cups of tea by greg mortenson and david oliver relin last night, it talked about the high altitude mountain war between indian and pakistan. in 2003, kevin fedarko and teru kuwayama, a photographer, visited the siachen glacier in India to understand the current state of the war, a long standing dispute over the state of kashmir. the feature story, the coldest war, appeared in outside magazine. a great story and amazing photos and will give you a deeper understanding of the region.

you can also see exclusive photos from the feature narrated by teru.

on january 16th, greg mortenson will be in boulder for a reading from his book, three cups of tea. the tickets are sold out but you might be able to find one on craigs list or maybe by just going.

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