Thursday, January 10, 2008

{digital capture}

the big question is who pays the digital capture and how much. in the digital arena, the photographer has become the lab and wants/needs to be compensated for his/her time. but there is no industry standard on how much. every photographer has different a digital process and a different number attached to it which becomes very confusing for everyone involved. pdn has an article about this in their january 2007 issue.

as a photo editor, i appreciate it when the photographer is up front and clear about what they charge. please don't surprise your client-tell your client how you charge for digital capture. personally, i want to see low res images from the shoot with basic color correction. once a final edit has been made then just those images can be resized, color corrected, and basic re-touching.

if you are a photo editor or art buyer, pdn also has a digital processing survey.

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