Thursday, March 20, 2008


daddy's little girl just turned one in march. enjoy the slide show from the day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

{more inspiration}

two different photographers whose work i find very inspiring. who inspires you?


Nina Berman from her Purple Hearts series

Also, PDN has release their list of 30 new and emerging photogarphers for 2008. Take some time to look through the photographers. Two of Platon's assistants were chosen for this list too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i just returned to the lower 48 after a six day trip in alaska, and i had a lot of firsts on my trip.

first time on a snowmobile and rode 205 miles in three days.
first time eating moose sausage.
first time shooting a run.
first time hitting a target.
first time to alaska.
first time seeing a moose.
first time seeing caraboo.
first time wearing bunny boots.
first time wearing three layers of puffies out of fear of being too cold.

here are a few snap shots from my time up there.

self portrait, alaska
taking a break from our 75 mile trip back to the trailhead. standing in front of the alaskan range.
fishing cabin

talkeetna range
talkeetna range, alaska
hunting cabin on swiss lake, alaska

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

{location lighting}

i thought i would share some of my photos from the location lighting class. we photographed at four locations - the scottish rite temple, the new mexico state penitentiary, los luceros, and a location of my choice, blake's lotaburger.

each portrait was created using a one or two light setup keeping it easy to travel to a location without an assistant. i used a mix of extra small and medium size soft boxes, strip lights, hard lights with grids, cinafoil, and bare bulb depending. choosing the type of light was dependent on the feeling and style i wanted evoke in the portrait. if you have any lighting questions, i would be happy to try and answer them. just email me a comment and i will respond.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

{almost here}

Three weeks until Kim's due date and she looks amazing. The baby was kicking around a lot during the session reminding us of her presence. Kim hired me for a maternity and newborn session so I will be going back over just as soon as she arrives. Looking forward to meeting her.

Click HERE to see the slide show.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

{growing up}

I just got home after taking a location portrait lighting class at the Santa Fe Workshops with Josh Sanseri. An amazing week learning and practicing location lighting skills. Once I digest the week, I will post some of the tips.

Before the workshop started, I made some portraits of my friends' children. This is the second time I have photographed them all and I love to document the changes. Check out Marin's purple 4 inch heels! She just got them and wanted to get her photo taken wearing them. Almost four years old and she can walk better in heels than me.

Click HERE to see all the photos from the session.