Wednesday, January 30, 2008

{archie + otis}

meet archie + otis. they are two of the sweetest dogs i know and belong to one of my oldest friend, candice.

you can see a slide show of our photo shoot HERE.

this handsome guy is otis. he is the baby brother.

doesn't archie have a great smile?

Monday, January 28, 2008

{photography exhibit}

hanger t1 • boulder municipal airport

Comtemporary5 Boulder has brought together four artists in hanger t1 at the Boulder Municipal Airport. Despites 90mph winds on Friday night, the show opened with more than 150 guests and 10% of all proceeds from opening night were donated to BMoCA. The space reminded me of Site Santa Fe and PS 1- two of my favorite places to see art.

My favorite work was by Antti Keitila. His methodology is to first paint a canvas with highly reflective enamel paint and reflects the subject onto his canvas and takes a pictures of the reflection.

The show is only up for four days so tomorrow is your last day. It is definitely worth a visit.

a photo of my daughter, madeleine, at the art show
taken with my iphone

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Here is George. He turned one in November and is now exploring the world walking. George's parents and I met in birthing class at Becoming Mothers so I have known him for while now.

In the spring, I first photographed George at around 6 months old. It is wonderful to see and document the changes as the months go by. The little ones change so quickly!

Here is a photo from our first photo session.

Below are the photos from our Janaury session at 14 months. Don't you just love the red hat?
Looking forward to photographing George at two!

To see a slide show of our day, click HERE.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

{what is your perfect day}

I love this ad on many levels. I love it because as a working mom my life often looks and feels like this and it makes me feel a bit more normal. As an environmental portrait of Tina Fey, it is initmate, smart, funny, and ironic just like her writing. In print, the other element to this ad is Tina Fey's perfect day. I have seen the ad a dozen times and I read her perfect day over and over. It always makes me think what is my perfect day.

So here it is.

7am wake up, have a cup of coffee, and spend time in bed with Madeleine reading

8:30am go for a long run on a trail with our dog, Ginger

11am shower

12pm have lunch with dear old friends

1:30 take a walk to the park with Madeleine with my camera

3:oo pm take a nap

4:30pm get a massage

6pm eat a healthy dinner and drink good wine with my family

7pm to to a movie

9:30pm read my book

10pm lights out and sleep until 7am.

What is your perfect day?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

{heath ledger in pictures}

there is an article on heath's career in the new york times today. to view a slide show of pictures go HERE.

{favorite blogs}

i love reading blogs so i thought i would share some of my daily favorites.

look underfoot
a photo a day
chase jarvis
strategy avenue
embry rucker
a photo editor
geoff hansen
julie harris
alie edwards
brooke schwab

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

{mosaic maker}

if you are interested in making a photo mosaic like the one i did yesterday, go to big huge labs. super easy and a different way to display your photos. have fun.

Monday, January 21, 2008

{a visit to new york city}

i love new york city. i was born there and have a lot of wonderful memories as a kid coming in on the train from westchester to explore the streets with my family. two of my favorite things to do in nyc are shoe shopping and eating magnolia cupcakes.

this june (26th-29th), i am planning a trip to nyc for family, newborn and maternity portrait sessions. the first three people to reserve a session will receive a special gift.

feel free to call or email me to find out my prices. look forward to hearing from you.

click on the name below to see a slide show from a recent portrait session.


Friday, January 18, 2008

{photography show in denver}

photo by tyler stableford

there is a new photography show opening up at reed photo gallery in denver tonight.

featured in the january photojournalism show are four award winning photographic artists, all known for their humanistic documentary and straight documentary style; all are colorado residents.
Included in the show are: Ken Papaleo, Tyler Stableford, Rich Durnan, and Scott Taketa.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

{the sweetest little thing}

check this cutie out. she was so much fun to photograph just climbing on everything like a monkey

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

{packing your camera bag}

chase jarvis has put together an essential packing list and travel tips for flying with camera gear. all photographers - editorial, commercial, wedding, portrait, or family documentarian- can learn a new trick or two from watching.

what are your traveling or packing tricks? let me know.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

{the land of enchantment}

i have a love affair with new mexico, the land of enchantment. if you have never been, definitely plan a trip. mountains, big open sky, art galleries, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, shopping...there is seriously something for everybody. i lived for for three years when i worked at outside magazine and loved it.

in februray, i am heading there to take a workshop at the santa fe workshops with josh sanseri. i can't wait to have a week to focus on photography, portrait lighting and eat some green chili stew.

a friend is going for a visit and asked me about my favorite things to do, places to stay, and where to eat. here ya go. if you have any santa fe favorites, leave me a comment. i would love to know.

places to stay - a good friend worked here for a bit

a must is a visit to 10,000 waves, an amazing japanese inspired spa. you can't go wrong with anything there and you can stay. bathing suit optional.

places to eat

maria's has great margs and homemade tortillas. the shed is another favorite place for new mexican food.
cafe pasquals has wonderful new mexican as well. however, the wait can be really long so get there early.
harry's road house, the plaza restaurant and tia sophia's are t
hree more delicious new mexican restaurants. as you can tell, santa fe has a lot of good food.
the cowgirl hall of fame is a local place with good food and a great patio for happy hour.
mu do noddles is an amazing asian fusion restaurant. tell mu hi from me.
an all time favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is counter culture. really terrific food.
good green chili stew can be found at the dragon room.

enjoy all the art. canyon road is full of galleries and there is a wonderful tea house near the end of the road to relax.
site santa is a gallery not to be missed.
georgia o'keeffe musuem is another favorite.
one of my favorite things i did was go and see georgia o'keefe's home in abiquiu. her home is only open in the summer a few days a week but it is worth the effort. make a reservation through the museum.
there is an artistic presence there. her lifestyle is reflected in her paintings and vise versa. everything she saw was art.

these are some of my favorite portraits taken by alfred stieglitz of georgia o'keefe. i saw the exhibit of stieglitz's portraits at the met sometime ago. if you have have the chance to see them, it is a must.

in the summer, the farmer's market on saturday is not to be missed. however, my favorite time of year is the fall when the hatch green chilis are roasting - one of my favorite smells.

the dale ball trails are great for hikes or runs. after a run, go for a soak at 10,000 waves! for other great day hike, click HERE.

day trips - take the high road to taos, tent rocks and make the pilgrimage to chimayo.

Monday, January 14, 2008

{three cups of tea}

Hell froze over: one of several Indian army bivouacs
despoiling the Siachen Glacier (Teru Kuwayama)

as i was reading three cups of tea by greg mortenson and david oliver relin last night, it talked about the high altitude mountain war between indian and pakistan. in 2003, kevin fedarko and teru kuwayama, a photographer, visited the siachen glacier in India to understand the current state of the war, a long standing dispute over the state of kashmir. the feature story, the coldest war, appeared in outside magazine. a great story and amazing photos and will give you a deeper understanding of the region.

you can also see exclusive photos from the feature narrated by teru.

on january 16th, greg mortenson will be in boulder for a reading from his book, three cups of tea. the tickets are sold out but you might be able to find one on craigs list or maybe by just going.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

{digital capture}

the big question is who pays the digital capture and how much. in the digital arena, the photographer has become the lab and wants/needs to be compensated for his/her time. but there is no industry standard on how much. every photographer has different a digital process and a different number attached to it which becomes very confusing for everyone involved. pdn has an article about this in their january 2007 issue.

as a photo editor, i appreciate it when the photographer is up front and clear about what they charge. please don't surprise your client-tell your client how you charge for digital capture. personally, i want to see low res images from the shoot with basic color correction. once a final edit has been made then just those images can be resized, color corrected, and basic re-touching.

if you are a photo editor or art buyer, pdn also has a digital processing survey.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

{photojournalism at its best}

januray 10th is the last day to submit photos to the world press photo of the year contest. the winning images reflect the state of the world and looking back through the archives you can see how far humanity has evolved or stood still. enjoy!

check the world press website in the second week of feburary to see the 2007 winners.

here is the photo of the year winner in 1955. Mogens von Haven, photographer, Denmark.
caption: Volk Mølle racecourse, Randers, Denmark, 28 August 1955. A competitor tumbles off his motorcycle during a motorcross championships.

Mike Wells, photographer
Karamoja district, Uganda, April 1980. Starving boy and a missionary.

Wells felt indignant that the same publication that sat on his picture for five months without publishing it, while people were dying, entered it into a competition. He was embarrassed to win as he never entered the competition himself, and was against winning prizes with pictures of people starving to death.

spencer platte, getty images

caption: Young Lebanese drive down a street in Haret Hreik, a bombed neighborhood in southern Beirut, Lebanon, on August 15. For nearly five weeks Israel had been targeting that part of the city and towns acrosssouthern Lebanon in a campaign against Hezbollah militants. As a ceasefire gradually came into force from August 14, thousands of Lebanese began to return to their homes. According to the Lebanese government, 15,000 homes and 900 commercial concerns were damaged.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

{one light workshop in boulder}

the one light workshop is coming to boulder, july 16th and 17th. photographer, stacy z, is hosting it at her home.

only 12 people can attend so sign up soon. hope to see you there!

{please wear your helmet}

a dear friend was in a bad tree skiing accident last week, but his helmet saved his life.

before this trip, my friend never wore a helmet, especially in the back country. it just happened a guy on his cat skiing trip brought him one to try out so he wore it. every single doctor and nurse he saw in the hospital said if he did not have that helmet on that he would not be here right now as a fully functioning human. tried and true the helmet works!

i must admit there are times especially spring skiing i don't want to wear my helmet. now i will never think twice about putting it on.

here is a photo of the tree he hit. quite the dent.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


january 4, 2007

you can know my life by what is on my kitchen counter top.
janaury 5th • in the morning

{for the love of kitty}

if you can believe it, kittys do wear wigs! check out kitty wigs. a few of my dear friends and i are a little obsessed with all things kitty, but this just took kitty obessesion to the next level. i am pretty tempted to by a $50 wig for my cat, raven, just to take some photos of her. maybe raven will get one for her birthday.

on another note, i think these are some of the best cat photos ever. high kitty fashion!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

{happy new year}

i hope ya'all had a happy new year. we had a few friends over for dinner and brought in the new year playing the 80s version of trivial pursuit and watching the ball drop in nyc.

what is your new year's resolution? mine is to take a photo every day for 365 days. without judgment and the need to create a "perfect" image every time, i am challenging myself to document life in 2008. i can take a photo with my canon 5d, my point and shoot (i am dying to get the the leica), or my cell phone (hopefully soon to be an iphone). with all these options available to me, i don't really have any excuse not to take a photo every day. i am curious to see the impact of 365 images. what will it look like on a wall? what will it say? what happens to a photograph over time?

i am going to do my best to post all 365 images. here are my first three. let me know what you think. i love getting comments!

best. j

january 1, 2008
january 2, 2008
january 3, 2008