Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the last few days of summer

its time to pack up my summer whites and start shopping for fall sweaters. this weekend marks the end of summer. no more lazy Sunday afternoons at the pool watching my daughter become a water warrior. she also discovered watermelon, a messy event, but she could eat slice after slice. i think she might have loved eating it because we almost always went swimming afterwards to clean up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

jack • 7 weeks

something happens when you become a parent and time goes by faster than ever. the days can sometimes be very long but the months are short. sorting through my daughter's photos from the past year, i just can't believe she was ever as small as jack. now she tells me want she wants with words. cookie is a word i hear a lot.

at seven weeks, jack is the sweetest little guy. patient, happy, and wide eyed, he stayed awake for an hour and half. i think the black box and flashes of light transfixed him.

click HERE to see a slideshow from the afternoon.

congratulations to your family! enjoy every moment. it all goes by way too quickly.

p.s. i also updated my website last weekend. over the next few weeks i will continue to add work from 2008 so take a peak to see what i have been up too the last 8 months.

Friday, August 8, 2008

aspen in the summer

aspen in the summer is gorgeous. dani and kris are so lucky to live in such a place and to have their september wedding in the mountains. during their engagement session we took a trip up to the maroon bells which were stunning and the wildflowers were still in bloom. all of their guests are in for such a treat and a visit to the bells in the fall with the golden aspens is a must.

our afternoon started at their wedding location, the aspen meadows resort. the day ended with wine at the j bar at the historic hotel jermone. it was an amazing afternoon/evening.

to see a slide show of the afternoon, click HERE.

seven weeks until the big day. looking forward to seeing you both again very soon.