Wednesday, March 5, 2008

{location lighting}

i thought i would share some of my photos from the location lighting class. we photographed at four locations - the scottish rite temple, the new mexico state penitentiary, los luceros, and a location of my choice, blake's lotaburger.

each portrait was created using a one or two light setup keeping it easy to travel to a location without an assistant. i used a mix of extra small and medium size soft boxes, strip lights, hard lights with grids, cinafoil, and bare bulb depending. choosing the type of light was dependent on the feeling and style i wanted evoke in the portrait. if you have any lighting questions, i would be happy to try and answer them. just email me a comment and i will respond.


stacyZ said...

Hi Julia - I really love the forth picture of the girl in a chair. LOVE IT!

Thank you for sharing. I would love to know the set up you used on each picture of course ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are great Julia! I love all of them! What lights did you use?

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here