Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i just returned to the lower 48 after a six day trip in alaska, and i had a lot of firsts on my trip.

first time on a snowmobile and rode 205 miles in three days.
first time eating moose sausage.
first time shooting a run.
first time hitting a target.
first time to alaska.
first time seeing a moose.
first time seeing caraboo.
first time wearing bunny boots.
first time wearing three layers of puffies out of fear of being too cold.

here are a few snap shots from my time up there.

self portrait, alaska
taking a break from our 75 mile trip back to the trailhead. standing in front of the alaskan range.
fishing cabin

talkeetna range
talkeetna range, alaska
hunting cabin on swiss lake, alaska

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