Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day! I hope all moms were spoiled rotten by their families. We cooked a delicious breakfast and our two year old actually slept in until 7:30am. This is an amazing feat since she usually whispers our names at 5:30am.

I wanted to thank everyone who sent me an email about for the mother's day portrait session contest. It was so special to read all the intimate stories about the mom in your life. Congratulations to Rachel, Ian, and Sabine who will receive the portrait session in June. I often have promotions posted on my blog so please stay in touch.

See Rachel, Ian, and Sabine's story below.

I have stayed at home with my daughter for a year and a half. That's about a year longer than I planned to. I gave up a lot in my life, as many moms do - work, social life, even some travel to see family - to care for our daughter after we found out she has Cystic Fibrosis. We have been in the hospital twice with her and I have done endless research to keep her healthy (vitamin and food supplements to correct whatever is wrong at the moment as well as researching deficiencies created by many of the meds we’ve had to give her) and been mostly successful! Due to these efforts, Sabine (my daughter, 18 mos old) has not been in the hospital for any reason since last August and has only been sick a few times this winter. This may have also been due in part to lack of travel. As our family traveled to us last year, this was the first winter holiday season we were just three – no extended family. Sabine’s CF has meant we do not travel to see our family as much, so I spend a lot of time taking video and photos of her to send them. I would love to be able to send out professional photos to the great grannies and grandparents, as well as to my seven siblings and my husband’s two siblings. Family means a lot to us, though they are very far away

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