Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Reflecting on the past 365 days, I am amazed at all that happened. My daughter, Maddie, was just walking at the start of 2008 and now she runs circles around me while singing happy birthday to her babies. After living in Colorado for five years, I finally made it to a Red Rocks concert to see My Morning Jacket. I traveled to Costa Rica, Santa Fe, Alaska, New Hampshire, Ohio, and West Virginia. On my birthday, I had knee surgery which was really the worse birthday present ever. And I am still recovering from it. Spent Thanksgiving with my husband and Maddie skiing at Wolf Creek. I had hoped to get her on skis but she was content doing puzzles and eating dried blueberries in the lodge. Not even the promise of a lollipop could entice this two year old onto the slopes. Christmas was celebrated with my mom and brother who are so loved by Maddie. Uncle Jamie is always a favorite due to his willingness to be transformed in a horse at any given moment. New Year's Eve was quiet at our house but the food, lobster risotto with beef tenderloin and an avocado tomato salad, was delicious. Rang in the New Year with our neighbors playing Wii.

Hope everyone had an amazing 2008. Happy New Year.

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Rachael said...

I love your card, so cute!
Happy New Year!