Sunday, August 24, 2008

jack • 7 weeks

something happens when you become a parent and time goes by faster than ever. the days can sometimes be very long but the months are short. sorting through my daughter's photos from the past year, i just can't believe she was ever as small as jack. now she tells me want she wants with words. cookie is a word i hear a lot.

at seven weeks, jack is the sweetest little guy. patient, happy, and wide eyed, he stayed awake for an hour and half. i think the black box and flashes of light transfixed him.

click HERE to see a slideshow from the afternoon.

congratulations to your family! enjoy every moment. it all goes by way too quickly.

p.s. i also updated my website last weekend. over the next few weeks i will continue to add work from 2008 so take a peak to see what i have been up too the last 8 months.

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