Monday, July 21, 2008

GAS • Saturday July 26th

GAS stands for Garden Art Show. It is one the best things to do in the summer and should not be missed. This will be my fourth year donating and my photo is from a recent trip back to Vermont on an early foggy morning. Usually, I walk home with too much art which is not a bad thing. However, I still need to hang what I bought last summer.

vermont 2008

Founded in 2002, The Garden Art Show is an annual silent auction benefiting local charities in Boulder County, Colorado. Thanks to generous donations by brilliant local artists (from full-time professionals to inspired amateurs and undiscovered newcomers), all proceeds from sales of the art go to children's art and nature causes. In its first five years, the GAS has raised over $9,000, entertained hundreds of good people, put lots of great art in worthy homes, and decimated local supplies for jambalaya and mojitos.


Anonymous said...

I *adore* this photo. Beautiful! xxoo cta

julia vandenoever said...

thanks! i always love to hear from my favorite girls.