Friday, April 11, 2008

{photography in magazines conference}

if you have ever wondered about how to break into the magazine world, there is a conference in boulder this weekend to help you figure out how. the 2008 photography in magazine conference is bringing in photographers and photo editors to speak specifically on shooting for magazines.

as a photo editor at backpacker magazine, i have been invited to speak about the how the decisions get made to choose which photographers are chosen to shoot a feature and why. brad kaminski, the photo editor at velo news and inside triathlon, will also be speaking with me about how his magazines make their photographic decisions.

there are a lot of great speakers, corey rich from aurora stock agency, beth wald, outside magazine, and national geographic to name a few.

this is a great opportunity to meet with photo editors to establish a relationship. everyone wants to work with people who they like and enjoy so you could start your new relationship in boulder.

over the weekend, i am planning on attending most of the lectures and i will post tips i learn from conference for you.

here is one tip to start your weekend off.

* do your research. get a subscription to any magazine you are interested in shooting and study it for before calling the photo editor. be familiar with the front and back of the book as well as the features.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,

What a great opportunity to have a get together like this. How cool!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong Julia. Hope you're having a lovely day.