Thursday, November 22, 2007

{happy thanksgiving}

the turkey is in the oven and the baby is napping so i thought i would blog.

on december 31, 2006, kim and noah were married up at gold lake resort. kim wore her grandmother's wedding dress along with other family heirlooms and she was pregnant! to see photos from their wedding, go to my website which noah designed.

avery is now six months old and she smiles non-stop. it is special to continue to photograph your clients as their family grows. however, it is even more special when your client is one of your good friends. thanks for all your support!

p.s. kim works at boulder green building guild or BGBG
in boulder. check it out because it is a great resource.
The Boulder Green Building Guild is an association of building professionals dedicated to promoting healthier, resource-efficient homes and work places. We strive to advance the craft of green building; support our members' environmentally-responsible endeavors; provide effective volunteer opportunities; and be the focal point for communication on green building. Our vision is to empower people to build healthy, resource-efficient communities.

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